Designer Pairs: AimerLae & Finn and Sew By Pattern Pieces

Hi! I’m Jill from AimerLae & Finn. I’m so excited to take part in the Designer Pairs project. I’m ever so slightly obsessed with sewing and patterns and fabric. I also love working with other designers and showing off their great patterns! Today, I’ll be showing off the #15000 Leggings pattern from Sew By Pattern Pieces paired with a modified version of my Roughin’ and Rufflin’ Raglan and my Perfect Summer Peplum .

Now let’s talk about these leggings!! There are four length options in the pattern – boy shorts, knee length, 3/4 length, and full length. You will see 2 of the options in this post and both are equally loved by my daughter. I can hardly wait to make the other 2 options!

13350937_10154894047453452_1686942475_o (1)


At first, I was planning on making the dress length of my Perfect Summer Peplum pattern and the boy short length of the #15000 Leggings. As you can see from the photo below, it has major twirl factor and needs something under it! However, the fabric my daughter chose was a few inches too small to make the dress length.


Then I had the great idea to use performance knit and make some athletic leggings in 3/4 length – my daughter is going through a super sporty phase right now. I decided to hack my raglan pattern with an idea that I meant to do 2 years ago and never got around to it. I merged the sleeve from the Roughin’ and Rufflin Raglan with the tank armscye from the Perfect Summer Peplum. I used 2 different colors of performance knit, both from Hobby Lobby.¬†IMG_6112

The top is currently unhemmed because I was short on time before the baby was due for a screaming fit and I didn’t want to push it by switching out the thread in my cover stitch. Since it’s knit, it won’t fray and it’ll be just fine until/if I get around to hemming it.

The first pair of leggings is made in performance knit and 3/4 length. My daughter said, “If I could only pick one pair of pants for the rest of my life, it would be these!” Obviously, with my sewing and pattern addiction, she won’t have to make that choice ūüėČ but good to know! lol


I used the size chart included in the pattern to choose the correct size to make. I’m always a little hesitant to believe the size charts. My 9 year old is a little on the small size and mostly falls into size 6 or 7 on most patterns. She was size 7 with this pattern for both height and width so I didn’t have to make any alterations and it fits great with a little room to grow!

Considering my daughter’s statement about picking these as the only pair of pants for the rest of time, I couldn’t stop at just one pair. I decided to go back to the Perfect Summer Peplum pattern and the fabric she originally chose. She wanted this floral knit from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. I couldn’t do the dress length with boy shorts like I had planned because of a fabric shortage. I decided to go with the peplum length and pair it with knee length Leggings.


The leggings are made with this dot knit, also from Raspberry Creek.


My daughter was pouting when I told her she had to take off the athletic leggings and put these on. I told her I used the same pattern so they would be just as comfortable. She changed her mind and now can’t be forced to take these off! She may even have worn them to bed…


Be sure to stop back by the blog each day for more inspiration on patterns from Swhetty Betties designers! Also, there will be a chance to win patterns from each designer!

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Grace Top Love!

You know how some ladies collect shoes? That’s how I am with patterns. And fabric. Imagine my excitement when I had a chance to participate in a pattern swap! I had the pleasure of trading patterns with Mary from Rose & Lee Designs. I am in love with the Grace pattern! Grab your copy here.¬†There are so many options, I had a hard time deciding what to do. Grace offers 4¬†sleeve options and 4 length options! ¬†And then there was the fabric problem… I have so much that I had a hard time choosing!

I ended up going with the tunic length and short sleeves. For the fabric, I used a soft cotton rayon blend that came in my Knit Fix from Girl Charlee.IMG_5180

This pattern is VERY thorough and went together absolutely perfectly! The borders on the pages lined up first try. I love that there is a printing guide so I could figure out which pages needed to be printed for the options I wanted. Nothing like printing 50 pages that ya don’t need!IMG_5190

The assembly instructions are easy to follow and the finished product is really flattering! It’s a great top to wear with a pair of leggings.

 IMG_5156  IMG_5166 Looks good with a belt too! IMG_5193